The Yoga Center of Eau Claire offers weekly classes most days of the week through our 10 instructors. We also offer private lessons and yoga therapy by appointment. You can get more info and sign up for classes through this link to MINDBODY Online.

Yoga is a 5,000-year-old wisdom tradition integrating body, mind, and spirit.  It encompasses strengthening and releasing areas of tightness, body and breath awareness, conscious exploration of mental and emotional patterns, deep relaxation and the opportunity for spiritual awareness. 

Yoga is a powerful system of cleansing, healing and stress management through muscular release, massaging and toning internal organs, deepening breath, improving posture and circulation, and focusing awareness.

Yoga is an individualized practice and is appropriate for any age and ability.  Quality of life is dependent on health, full natural breath, strength and flexibility of body, mind and spirit. Yoga helps us uncover these inherent potentials.